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Transform and Uplift Your School Brand
Single and Complete Integrated Solution
A Complete Educational Solution to Provide Digitalize Infrastructure.

Digitlized Transformation of Your School with IQdigit App

  • IQdigit app is an integrated system that aims to revolutionalise every child’s learning experience. We empower teachers, parents, principals, and school owners to work towards a unified goal of achieving excellent learning for students. Our integrated system is the perfect marriage of curriculum, pedagogy, and technology. Our proficient team works with principals and teachers in collaboration to transform their schools. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for giving guaranteed and better results. In fact, we are the only organisation that promises assured results for students and schools.


  • A complete solution to digitalize an institution & impart digital learning.In today’s era of Information explosion, when internet and data has huge influence in everyone’s life,every school or institution has inevitable need of offering its stakeholders a digital platform, so the exchange of information is easy and quick. Also routine operations of institution are quite simple and effective with the help of an educational ERP. IQwing has developed its own product named “IQdigit Educational ERP” which is a comprehensive solution for an Institution to operate, manage, review all its important transactions digitally and efficiently.“IQdigit Educational ERP” enables complete digitization of school in a very affordable cost. All modules of IQdigit Educational ERP are integrated, hence it avoids duplication of efforts. We also offer a Parents & Staff Mobile Application in the Name of Instituition to promote the institute brand. So that if anyone search for the institute in Google Android Play Store, the Mobile Application of that institute shall be available. We have in-house development team to develop and maintain our product IQdigit Educational ERP. So we are open for any kind of customization requirement.

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Integrated Solution

A single, integrated and complete digitalize platform which will elevate and strengthen your school brand.


Manage Control Operational & Process of an institution with efficiency & effictiveness.


A Plateform to create digital content by teachers for students with periodic assignments & assesments.


An interactive Virtual class room environment where students & teachers can interact live with webcams,videos,audio,presentations ,digital whiteboard,chats,notes & polls.









What Our Clients Say


How can this platform help me in building my business?

In today’s time of digitalization and keeping our vision in mind we adapt successfully and build an integrated application/solution for all kind of educational institutions where they can use each module as per there convenience and make there bank end operations and learning effective. Every market is having unexplored potential and we believe that this platform would definitely help you to building a healthy business in just few months.

How much time does it take to associate and start the business?

For association 2 to 3 days and business can be started thereafter with immediate effect.

Who will train us?

Iqwing technical/ marketing team through online demo or onsite visits.

How much time does it take to associate and start the business?

For association 2 to 3 days and business can be started thereafter with immediate effect.

What support IQ teams will provide us as a business partner?

Training of the product 2) Back end support 3) Freedom to communicate with IQwing teams on any kind of issue (24x7)