completed digital, dynamic and fast changing age. Every company and
enterprises are under increased pressure to optimize costs and align
IT with business outcomes. They wise to stay ahead or at least on par
with its competitors. To face these challenges, custom application
development has become an attractive option that goes farther the
capabilities offered by reconfigured solution. Custom software
applications automate and streamline the processes in an
organization, thus saving a huge amount of time and cost while
increasing efficiency.

provides an inclusive range of custom application development
services that enable enterprises to exploit the power of custom
application to support new capabilities and amplify the customer and
partner experience.


Complete End to End Application Development

IQwing can support your enterprise throughout the entire application development life cycle with its application life cycle management services. IQwing helps to conceptualize and capture initial requirements, while providing a full range of architecture, design, development and quality assurance capabilities. We also help to ensure application security with software deployment and data migration.

Advisory Consulting Services

Our Advisory Consulting services offer organizations expertise through the use of system assessments and enterprise architecture. IQwing helps businesses with solution architecture blue printing including technology selection and “build vs. buy” decisions. We assess existing systems to remove any shortcomings and identify opportunities to add new capabilities that support changing business demands.

Maintenance and Enhancement of Existing

IQwing helps to maintain and enhance existing applications. This includes the transition of maintenance and application enhancements to teams located at offshore and near shore locations.

Technical Capabilities

IQwing’s Custom Application Development services are supported by deep industry expertise, supporting both modern and legacy platforms. Modern application development platforms supported include .net and Java, Pass (Azure, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce Automation) as well as mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. For more traditional legacy platforms, IQwing brings diverse expertise across mainframe technologies by IBM, HP and Tandem and further platforms such as Unix, C/C++, Delphi, and Power Builder.

Custom Software Services

We offer Custom
Software Application Development and Maintenance
services that
fit all business verticals:

Software Services

We offer Custom
Software Application Development and Maintenance
services that
fit all business verticals:

Application Migration & Re-engineering

Our application
migration and re-engineering service helps in upgrading and
developing a legacy system.

Application Maintenance

Our experts manage critical
applications and maximize growth opportunities and support service
for a long time.

Software Product Development

We provide
complete product development and maintenance service from Product
Usability, Design and Development services and Product Re-Engineering

Iqwing Difference

  • Deep Industry Knowledge – wing brings expertise and domain experience across key industry verticals including Public Services, Consumer Services, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Manufacturing and Financial Services.
  • Comprehensive Development Services – We provide complete end to end application development services across a number of engagement models needed to support the conceptualization, development, deployment, administration, maintenance and enhancement of IT systems.
  • Quality Assured Practices –The system supports a variety of application life cycle models and helps to support and extend the quality practices of our customers. IQwing uses a mature and robust QA assurance system that is ISO9000 certified and has been assessed as CMMI Level 5.
  • Technical Expertise – IQwing supports a diverse technology landscape from modern application platforms such as Azure and iOS to traditional legacy platforms such as IBM and HP mainframes.