Creating the Ideal Home Page

You’ve got the perfect idea. I mean a good one. One you’ve been waiting your whole life to come up with. It’s good and you are going to be a superstar. You know this ever so perfect idea needs a killer website to make it come to life. Not just any website, but a good one that will quickly and beautifully illustrate your concept and why the world must embrace it. You pop on over to or Template Monster or any other website that offers thousands of WordPress themes. Somehow …

You’ve found the most amazing multipurpose WordPress theme to bring your new idea to life.

This theme is AWESOME! It comes with:

  • Unlimited colors and fonts
  • Built-in page builders
  • Shortcodes aplenty
  • Seven different sliders
  • Megamenus
  • Portfolios
  • Shopping carts
  • Forums
  • Landing pages
  • Pop up boxes

You are off to a great start. You are your new theme are going to do
fabulous things together. How could you not? After all it comes with a
bazillion options and the demo looks just perfect.

Sadly, it’s not going to be at all successful like you think. Why? Because you’re going backwards. You’re jumping way ahead in the process.

Jumping ahead, what? I know you think I’m wrong. You have to have a theme to start working with right? NO!

A WordPress theme is not the starting point. A theme is simply a means by which you can reach your final destination

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